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Custom Fit Knitting Patterns Just for YOU at The Knitting Place on Avenue Road

I’m so excited; I’ve discovered one of the best kept secrets in the Toronto knitting world – The Knitting Place on Avenue Road at Fairlawn.  No, not just The Knitting Place – it’s the owner, Hermine that’s actually the best kept secret.  Hermine was sent to dressmaking school by her father when she was growing up in Egypt.  She didn’t want to be a seamstress, but in those days a daughter actually did what her father told her to do!  Imagine that.  Fast forward to years later when she combined her love of knitting with her dressmaking skills and voila! A knitwear designer emerged.  But is she published in Vogue?  Creative Knitting?  No – that was never her goal or her passion.   What she’s done instead, for many, many years, is to design custom fit knitting patterns for the lucky knitters who purchase yarn at her store, The Knitting Place.20140318_133658

A woman comes in and says, vaguely, that she wants to knit a heavy winter sweater, maybe more like a coat, with a collar.  Hermine immediately zeros in on the perfect yarn, measures the woman’s figure, and in just a few minutes has written out the perfect pattern.  Yes, a custom knitting pattern just for YOU!  OMG.  She helps her customer get started, and is always there to answer questions, fix mistakes and mentor as the knitter moves along with her sweater.   How wonderful is this.  You have got to find out for yourself.   20140318_133633

And speaking of finding the perfect yarn, Hermine carries extensive inventory of Sirdar, Katia, Galway, Phildar, Knitcol and other luscious brands that you won’t be able to resist.  Drop by The Knitting Place at 1738 Avenue Road in Toronto.  (But not on Sundays or Mondays – Hermine needs to recharge her batteries so the store’s closed!)  She’s there Tuesdays to Saturdays and would love to help you find that yummy yarn for your next fabulous project – and this one will actually fit!!



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