Knit Socks & Slippers – YAY!!


Knit Socks and Slippers in no time – yes, you CAN do it!!

Knit ribbed sock

Knit ribbed sock

It’s time to knit socks and slippers! Learn how to turn a heel, work with dpns (double-pointed-needles) and graft the toes.  This course will teach you how to knit socks from the top down.  Yes, you too can knit socks!!    It’s a fabulous portable project to have handy whenever you’re on the go, and once you find a pattern & fit that’s perfect for YOU or your family members (if you REALLY love them, that is) then you can stick to that pattern and switch up your yarns.

You can choose to either use a fine yarn with 2.75 mm needles, or a worsted weight with 4.5 or 5.0 mm needles.

You will learn to knit socks in the 1st two of 1.5 hour classes.

Class #1 –  Deconstruct knitting socks, cast on, transfer to DPNs, join work without a hole, and learn how to knit in the round without a ladder.

Class #2 – Do the heel, then pick-up stitches to turn and carry-on.

Class #3 – Graft the toe together in such a way so there’s no bothersome seam, and start on basic knit slippers.

Slippers - chunky

 Knit worsted weight sock

REQUIRED SKILLS: Casting on, knit, purl

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