Knitting Parties


Knitting Parties for All Occasions!

Knitting Party

Knitting parties?  You bet!  A great idea for a baby shower, bridal shower or special birthday party.  I’ll come to you with everything you and your guests need to learn to knit.  Give me an hour or more and I’ll teach all of you to cast on and knit your first project.  Even to pick up the stitch that’s bound to be dropped!  There are 2 party packages available:

  1. We bring needles and yarn to teach and then they are returned to me at the end.  No extra charge.
  2. We bring needles, yarn and a pattern for each guest and the guest keeps them.  This charge will be added on to the basic party cost.

Either way – it’s FUN and sure to be a crowd pleaser.  I promise lots of laughs as your guests learn a skill together that will last a lifetime.  As an added bonus, I give all guests a 25% off coupon for their first class at Learn2Knit.

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