Stuffed Animal Knitting – A New Adventure!


Stuffed Animal Knitting – A New Adventure!

Safe and cuddly comfort for children & babies

You know how to knit but haven’t yet tackled knitting a stuffed animal?  Let us coach you through the process and you’ll never look back!

Knit Elephant - finished

In this four week program of 1.5 hour weekly classes, you’ll learn how to knit and work with small pieces.  We’ll put them together to make an adorable knit stuffed animal, starting with a girl elephant where we’ll make 7 pieces. Then we’ll learn beautiful seaming as we put them together, stuff them and add details.

Once you’ve successfully completed your first knit stuffed animal, there’ll be no stopping you!  A great way to use up small bits of leftover yarn while you knit up beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts for the babies and children in your life, or to donate to pediatric wards for children to cuddle up to.  They work up quickly; very rewarding for you, the knitter!

Knit Elephant pieces

Week 1
In the first class we’ll start with decoding the pattern, and move on to knitting the body and feet of the elephant. You’ll choose the colour of the clothes for the elephant body. If we have time, we’ll start working on the head and trunk. Here you’ll learn (or review!) increasing and sewing seams.


Week 2
Now we’ll complete the head and join row ends to sew together. We’ll work on the ears and arms and deal with any challenges you might be facing.  The ears are fun with a combination of increasing and decreasing. For the arms, you’ll learn or review changing colours.


Week 3
We’ll work on the skirt today with another possible changing of colours to have stripes in the skirt – or choose to have it one solid colour. All the pieces are complete and sewn, ready to be stuffed and assembled – soon we’ll have our knit stuffed animal – exciting times!!!

Elephant skirt

Week 4
Now we’ll stuff and sew the pieces together to make our complete knit stuffed elephant.

Putting knit elephant together

We might even have time to look at other patterns and get you started on your next project.  Click here to go to for lots of patterns gathered together just for you!

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