Patchwork Knit Afghan Class

This Patchwork Knit Afghan class consists of four 1.5-hour classes, held weekly. 

Cables, basket-weave, braid and leafy all in 1 gorgeous afghan.  You will learn to cable, read a chart, follow a complex pattern and sew the patches together to end up with a fun and fabulous Patchwork Knit Afghan.  It’s pretty amazing.  The pattern, stitch markers and a row counter are included in the $99 course fee;  I will send you the pattern after you register so you can go to the store of your choice and buy the yarn you love to match your decor. 

Maximum 4 people to a class guarantees lots of individual attention and learning in a comfortable, stress-free environment. 

Class 1

Patchwork Knit Afghan

Patchwork Knit Afghan

In this first class we’ll calculate gauge and analyze the pattern, learning the different abbreviations and figuring out how to work from a chart.  You will start the first square, learning how to cable and braid, using stitch markers and row counters.

Class 2

Now we’ll make the leaf pattern square, which involves yarn-overs and slipping stitches both purl-wise and knit-wise.  A new chart is introduced as well.

Class 3

It’s time to work up a wave pattern square, adding in some new techniques including right and left twists through back loops.

Class 4

Last but not least we’ll start a diagonal rib square, and review the basketweave as well.  Most of the class will be spent sewing 2 or 3 pieces together with a couple of variations so that you can get the look you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

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