Knitting in the Round Using DPNs and Circular Needles

Knitting in the Round Using DPNs (Double-Pointed) and Circular Needles

Learn 2 ways of Knitting in the Round in just 2 sessions!

In this 2-session course you’ll learn how to use double-pointed needles (dpns) and circulars.  You’ll get started right away by knitting up this fabulous slouchy hat or fun children’s hat – your choice – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you fall in love with knitting in the round.  Click on for upcoming classes, or e-mail

Knit slouchy-hat

Child's Knit hat in-the-round


Why Knit in the Round?

Do you know how to knit and purl but you’re intimidated by the thought of knitting in the round?  Perhaps you’re not even sure WHY you’d WANT to knit in the round!   Wait no longer and wonder no more.

When you knit in the round you’re always working on the RIGHT side of the garment, which means that you generally purl less and knit more.   You’ll find that you’re knitting even faster, and there are fewer (or no) seams for you to sew.

When you knit sweaters and dresses in the round, you can easily customize the pattern so you get the perfect fit.   AND it’s awesome to watch your garment grow!

After you knit up 1 of these hats, you’ll be able to knit sweaters, cowls, leggings and all sorts of things in the round.  You may never go back to straight knitting!!

By the way, check out for some fabulous childrens’ hats.  And go to for all kinds of well-written patterns!  Both sites offer most patterns at no cost.

Cost is $60 plus materials.  Of course the materials will depend on which hat you choose so we’ll figure it out when you register.

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