Knitting Class Baby Sweater and Hat


This course, Knitting Class Baby Sweater and Hat, consists of four 1.5-hour classes, held weekly. 

We’ll knit up a fabulous baby sweater, learning  how to knit pockets, buttonholes, sew pieces together and more.   The pattern for this sweater and the matching hat is included in the $95 course fee.  I will send you the pattern after you register so you can go to the store of your choice and buy the yarn you love for the baby in your life. 

Enjoy some coffee or tea while you learn.   Maximum 4 people to a class guarantees lots of individual attention and learning in a comfortable, stress-free environment. 

Class 1

Baby sweater and hat set vignetteIn this first class we’ll calculate gauge and analyze the pattern, as well as learn the technique for working with 2 strands of yarn at the same time and how to transfer stitches to a holder. The back and pocket linings will be completed by week 2.

Class 2

We’ll cast on and begin the right front up to and including forming the pocket welt.   You’ll learn how to incorporate stitches from a holder and how to shape the neck.

Class 3

We’ll work on the left front next and learn how to create perfect buttonholes.

Class 4

It’s time to put the pieces together.  You’ll learn how to sew the seams and create the neckband by picking up stitches that you thought were finished forever!  If time permits we’ll start the hat but if not, that’s ok because by now you will have learned all that you need to know to plow through it on your own.

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