Knitting a Lacey Shawl


This Knitting a Lacey Shawl class consists of two 1.5-hour workshops, held 1 week apart.   

You will learn to create this beautiful lacy shawl and begin to understand lacing in general.  It’s pretty amazing.  The pattern, stitch markers and a row counter are included in the $50 course fee;  I will send you the pattern after you register so you can go to the store of your choice and buy the colours that suit you best. 

Enjoy some coffee or tea while you learn.   Maximum 4 people to a class guarantees lots of individual attention and learning in a comfortable, stress-free environment. 

Class 1

Learn2Knit a ShawlIn this first class we’ll calculate gauge and analyze the pattern, learning the different abbreviations and how to change colours in the neatest way possible.  You will establish the lacy pattern, working with stitch markers and row counters..

Class 2

The last workshop is the opportunity to bring in your shawl so we can see how the work is going and, if necessary, improve techniques going forward.

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