Intermediate Knitting – Improve Your Brain Elasticity!

Improve your brain elasticity in this intermediate knitting class.

Braided & Crossover Cable for Intermediate Knitting class

Braided & Crossover Cable


Challenge yourself with this intermediate knitting class- it’s great for brain elasticity, fun and so rewarding. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in four 1.5-hour classes. If you know how to knit & purl but are still intimidated by knitting in front & back of the stitch, using a 3rd needle to cable, or creating a twisted effect, then this is for YOU!!

Knit & purl checkerboard variation in Intermediate knitting class

Knit & purl checkerboard variation

Cables, twisted-stitches, basket-weave, braid , lace and leafy are taught in this intermediate knitting class.  You’ll learn using squares, which you can later join together to make a beautiful patchwork afghan.  Or you can enjoy as dishcloths or trivets.  You’ll learn many fabulous different stitches – enough so you can tackle anything!!  Learn to read a chart, follow a complex pattern and keep working on fixing those mistakes that inevitably will happen.    It’s pretty amazing. 

Zig-zag using twisted stitch technique in Intermediate Knitting class

Zig-zag using twisted stitch technique

The patterns, stitch markers and a row counter are included in the $99 course fee;  yarn not included. 

Diamond lace knitting

Diamond lace

Maximum 4 people to a class guarantees lots of individual attention and learning in a comfortable, stress-free environment. 


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