Arna Cappe and Janice Shachter are cofounders of the Shaar Shalom Mitzvah Knitters (Mitzvah means ‘good deed’) which is starting its 10th year in September 2015.  We are a non-profit group which crochets and knits for charity and  have gifted over 15,000 beautiful knit and crochet items to those in need of spiritual, physical and emotional warmth. We gift to hospitals, nursing homes, cancer care facilities, homeless, abused women & teen shelters and many more nonprofits in the Greater Toronto Area.

Below you will see some of the amazing work our volunteers have done and we have donated to the homes, hospitals and shelters, as well as some of our gift recipients bundled up and a few of our hundreds of thank-you notes.  Enjoy!

We meet biweekly in Thornhill at Shaar Shalom Synagogue.  All are welcome.  If you want to join the Mitzvah Knitters and knit for charity, please call Janice at 416-953-2138.

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