Broken Bones have Knit Together, and Now the Needles are Clicking Away

Knitting needles clicking away!

I’ve  had a crazy couple of months.  The craziness started about 7 weeks ago with a call from my Dad saying that my Mom had taken a bad fall and they were on their way to the hospital.  I met them there, followed soon after by my other siblings.  To make a long story short, Mom had broken her left shoulder and fingers on her right hand.  Can you imagine?  Her left arm was immoblized in a hard sling and her right hand was casted from her fingers to her elbow.   We quickly realized how much we use our hands and arms, and not just for knitting either.  We often use at least one hand to balance when we get up from a chair or sit down.  Think about lying down in bed – it generally involves positioning by first lying on your shoulder and this was just way too painful.  Let’s not even talk about cutting up food, holding a glass of water or getting dressed.  Luckily my parents had 4 children and we all live in Toronto.  We pitched in together along with grandchildren and CCAC to help my Dad and by now the casts are off and the physio has started.

Mom knits scarves for the Mitzvah Knitters, a non-profit group I run along with my good friend Arna Cappe, and while she was in the hospital on fairly wonderful pain meds she kept reminding me that she needed a new set of 7 or 8 mm needles for her next project.  I had to laugh (either that or cry) and reminded her that first she had to be able to actually hold the needles.  I’m delighted to report that today Mom came with me to the Mitzvah Knitters’ biweekly get-together and I gave her new needles and she was able to knit.  It was amazing.  She’s been a contributor for 8 years during which the Mitzvah Knitters has gifted over 11,000 healing shawls, lap blankets hats, scarves,  mittens and more to those in need of physical, spiritual and emotional warmth to hospitals, nursing homes, shelters and many other worthwhile non-profit organizations.  Mom’s famous within the group for teaching everyone the drop-stitch scarf – she loves it because it works up so quickly and looks so fancy. By the way, this technique uses additional wraps around your working needle while knitting to create elongates stitches. The effect is an airy and light open fabric with very nice drape.


Drop-stitch is easy, fun and looks awesome.

So, back to craziness.  I finally found the home of my dreams while my Mom was in hospital – the only catch was that I had to take possession on January 1st!  OK – not really a problem; once you start packing you might as well do it.  Except then came the ice storm and we had no power for 5 days so packing was a tad difficult.  Putting it mildly.   LCBO refused to let us take boxes because they claimed it was their busy season.  I don’t know… Christmas, New Years… alright I guess they could have been telling the truth.  The move was awful – lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on one of the coldest days of the year – but in the end well worth it.  Friends and children helped me pack and unpack,  for which I’m eternally grateful.   Best of all I have a dedicated knitting classroom which is bright, airy and perfect for knitters-to-be and knitters looking to knit even better.  I love it!

Knitting Classroom 1 20140115_103627 (2)

So here we are stuck in the middle of the winter that just won’t quit, but I’m safe and warm in my new home with my yarn, needles and students coming and going.  There’s nothing quite like watching Downton Abby with my sticks clicking away magically turning string into these…

Fingerless gloves

Great way to learn to cable.

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