Knitting, knitting, knitting. I’m immersed.  I’m living in Knitting-Land.  Absolutely not complaining – I’m living the dream!!

I’m sitting at my desk and there’s a skein of yarn, a random circular needle and an issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine.  Oh wait – that’s just on my right.  Looking to my left I see a pile of patterns which I’ve printed out for my not-for-profit knitting group (Shaar Shalom Mitzvah Knitters) and yes, another ball of yarn (this time variegated) and a Creative Knitting Magazine.  Then I look straight ahead at my 27” inch computer monitor.  This super-sized monitor lets me look at my Learn2Knit Facebook page, beautiful knits on Pinterest ( and patterns on Ravelry while I’m typing up this blog.

Surrounded by knitting

To continue on my apartment tour, let’s go into the living room where there are 3 couches.  Daughter #1 is sitting on couch #1 knitting an afghan of squares, daughter #2 is sitting on couch #2 knitting an intricate dog sweater and 3 of my UFPs (unfinished projects) are sitting on couch#3 waiting for me.

Daughter #1 is struggling with what she’s currently in the mood to knit – she spent a few weeks working on a gorgeous 1-piece, multi-coloured ripple afghan until it got too heavy to take on transit.  Since she spends many of her waking hours on transit, this is a deal breaker.  I wouldn’t have given it a second thought – save that one for home and start on something more portable for take-along.  She’s young, though, and has yet to learn that this is really o.k.  Normal, actually.  She’s still at the stage in her knitting life that she feels she has to finish something before starting the next thing.  Silly girl.  She’ll learn.  Meanwhile I’m happy to report that I managed to convince her not to unravel the UFP; put it aside,  start the squares and who knows what the future will bring.

Ripple Afghan UFP

Daughter #2 is another story.  She’s been heard to say (out loud!!) that knitting is painfully boring.  I finally challenged her with a dog sweater pattern full of cables, moss, honeycomb and MORE.  Suddenly  the TV has to be turned off so she can concentrate, mistakes get fixed and knitting is boring no more.  Personally I’m just hoping that the cold weather will hold off a little longer so the sweater gets finished and our cute little 9-lb Gracie can warmly and proudly don her new made-with-love outerwear.   Dog sweater in progress

And me?  Well, I’m finished the body of  a beautiful top-down sweater/dress for Daughter #1 and am working with dpns (double-pointed-needles) on the sleeves.  I’m half-way done a scarf which I teach in my Beginner Level 1 class and am really torn.  On the one hand I’d love to finish it and wear it, but on the other hand it’s a more effective teaching tool while still unfinished on the needles.  Oy.  And then there are squares for my patchwork afghan scattered everywhere – while I test different yarns and different needle sizes to create teaching materials for my ‘knitting-an-afghan’ course.  And I won’t even mention the half-way knit Homespun triangle shawl or bobble/diamond afghan that temporarily lost their place in the lineup.

Knit Dress - top down 1

But who has time to knit?  I go onto Pinterest, admire all the gorgeous knits people have pinned and find out that my clocks have pulled a fast one and moved ahead an hour.  Then I check out Ravelry to see what’s new.  Mail’s here and there’s a new magazine.  Have to find my post-it notes to prioritize what to knit.  Got to post on my Facebook page.  Finally time to knit.  Oops – not really.   Daughter #2 lost a stitch.  Then I remember I need to blog.  That’s it – I’ve only knit an hour today and I’m having withdrawal symptoms.  So I’m done writing and off to create another beautiful unique square for the patchwork afghan.  Stay tuned….

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