As the world waits for news that Kate is in labour, we knitters wonder whether she and Prince William would prefer a knit baby blanket or a really cute sweater, dress or other piece of clothing?  And if it’s a cute hand knit outfit, then should it be in size 0 – 3 months, or bigger?

Beautiful knit baby blanket that will provide warmth and security for years.

Knit baby clothes (compressed)These are serious questions – I may not be able to create world peace, but I can definitely achieve inner peace by knitting.  And if I’m not knitting because it’s 35 degrees Celsius (that would be about 95 Fahrenheit) and my hands keep slipping off the needles, then I’m reading knitting magazines, looking at Ravelry to see what other people are knitting, searching out patterns or going to air-conditioned yarn stores to look at yarn (I rarely go with the intention of buying – that would just be greedy.  No, I go merely to look and if that perfectly yummy skein of yarn cries out for me to buy it, then I must.  Never disappoint the yarn – that’s my motto!).

I’ve been conducting my own unscientific surveys to determine the answer – knit outfit or blanket – if Kate and William had to choose (which of course they don’t since he’s a Prince of England AND the Duke of Cambridge and she’s the Duchess of Cambridge).  I’ve been speaking to moms and grandmoms and they’ve all agreed that no-one should have to choose.  There’s nothing like hand knit items to enjoy and keep forever.  Some said clothes are great because they’re perfect for photo ops and can be handed down to future kids-to-come.  They won’t wear out because they’ll fit a baby for about 10 seconds so will be handed down the generations for eternity.  Talk about an heirloom.  But others say that the proof is in the pudding – their 2, 3 and even 5-year-olds are still walking around and sleeping with their hand knit baby blanket even though it might be more than a little ratty by this time.  But who cares about ratty?  This baby blanket has kept the baby warm and cozy, and transitioned to become the toddler’s constant companion giving her warmth and security wherever she is.

I’m not going to leave you hanging – there IS a solution.  The only solution, really.  BOTH.  Now, you’re worried that a 9-month pregnancy doesn’t give you quite enough time.  And really, it’s not 9-months for you or me – we don’t even know that a new giftee is on the way until half-way through.  And we’re already in the middle of at least 4 projects.  So prioritize!  You need to first knit up a cute little 3 – 6 month size clothing item.  Not littler because what if the baby’s a big one?  Not bigger because you don’t want him crawling, walking or playing with dirt wearing your art.  3 to 6 months?  Perfect.  When that’s finished, get to work on the blanket.  It doesn’t matter if baby doesn’t have it for a couple of months – get it finished before the 4-month mark and she’ll never know she didn’t have it from birth.  Honestly, even the 6-month half-birthday is fine.  Either way, baby will be carrying his favourite blankie around for years while his sisters and brothers get to wear the like-new knit outfit.  Of course, each new arrival needs their own blanket, but that goes without saying.

Happy knitting for the babies-to-come in YOUR life.

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