Love to Knit

My Passion is Knitting

I love to teach and I love to knit.  I’d love to teach YOU to knit!  I’ve been knitting since my grandmother taught me when I was 10 years old.  My grandmother could knit anything – from wire to beads to wool to acrylic.  She knit baby clothes for all of her 12 grandchildren and sweaters for us as we grew.   Her hands were always busy – moving so fast that we children couldn’t differentiate one click from the next.  I was fascinated.  So I asked my grandmother to teach me to knit.  And she did.  One step at a time.  Truthfully, I stank.  My scarves were the weirdest shapes imaginable with too few and too many stitches from row to row.  (Remember that in the 60’s scarves were supposed to be straight – and we thought we were rebels – how ironic!)    So much for my knitting career.  I picked up needles every now and then over the years, but nothing serious until I started having my own children.  Much as I loved to watch Sesame Street, Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant, my fingers itched to do something while I enjoyed time with my kids!   My choices were limited – knit or eat!  So my knitting career resumed in earnest.  And I’ve been knitting ever since – for over 30 years now.  Scarves (straight AND weird), afghans, lap blankets, sweaters, baby clothes, shawls – you name it.

I’ve been teaching women of all ages to knit for the last 8 years in a non-profit – you may have heard of us: the Shaar Shalom Mitzvah Knitters.  I am very proud of the fact that we have gifted over 8,500 items to date.

I’ve taught children and adults to touch-type and to use computers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and I’ve taught newcomers to Canada to speak English.

While teaching English and typing had its own rewards, nothing compares to sharing my love of knitting and watching a non-knitter become a knitter.  There is nothing quite like the thrill of watching a simple string of cotton, wool, acrylic, bamboo… become a gorgeous item of warmth and beauty.  I really do love to teach and can’t wait to share my passion for knitting with you too.

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